Monotonic optimization for sensor cover energy problem – Problem formulation

: 10h00, ngày 19/11/2015 (Thứ Năm)

: D3-106

: Seminar Tối ưu

: Phạm Thị Hoài

: Toán cơ bản

Tóm tắt báo cáo

We study Sensor Cover Energy Problem (SCEP) in wireless communication which is known as nonconvex problem with nonconvex constraints. 

A local algorithm based on DC programming called DCA was proposed to solve this problem [Astorino, 2014]. In this paper, we approach SCEP via theory of monotonic optimization. By representing it in an adequate form  we  propose a new global algorithm  and an efficient algorithm for finding one local solution for this problem. We also test our algorithms on some randomly generated instances.

In the first part, we state the considered problem as well as mathematical formulations.

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