Optimizing the Hybridization Factor between Agent-based and Mathematical models of Evacuations on Road Network

: 14h00, ngày 14/08/2014 (Thứ Năm)

: 208 - C10, ĐHBK Hà Nội

: Seminar Các mô hình toán ứng dụng trong các hệ điều khiển và hệ sinh thái

: Nguyễn Thị Ngọc Anh

: Viện Toán ứng dụng và Tin học, Đại học Bách Khoa Hà Nội

Tóm tắt báo cáo

The major methodologies of crowd simulation in a dynamic environments are either based on micro or macro models. These two types of models represent the trade-off between the level of detail and efficiency. The domain of evacuation simulation on the road network is no exception and theories rely either on a micro and macro models. In recent years, there is a growing interest in Hybrid-based model (HBM) that combines both of these types. One of macro models is mathematical models called Equation-based model (EBM) and one of micro models is Agent-based model (ABM). This paper addresses the problem optimizing the hybridization factor to speed up evacuation simulations based hybrid and agent models. HBM uses efficient EBM in part of the road network that does not require a fine grained model and more detailed but less efficient ABM in critical locations. In addition, we show the consistency of HBM and ABM. Eventually, evacuation simulations based HBM and ABM are applied to tsunami simulation in Nha Trang city.

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