Independence Polynomials and Some Related Issues

: 15h00, ngày 12/05/2023 (Thứ Sáu)

: P104 D3

: Seminar Toán rời rạc

: Phạm Mỹ Hạnh

: Viện Toán ứng dụng và Tin học, ĐH Bách Khoa Hà Nội

Tóm tắt báo cáo

In this talk, we give a brief introduction of independence polynomials of graphs in which we focus on its unimodal, log-concave and real-rooted properties. We further study the graphs by investigating its edge ideals and presenting some results related to the Cohen-Macaulayness and the Castelnuovo-Mumford regularity. Finally, we show a closed relation between independence polynomial of a graph G and h-polynomial of its independence complexes.

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