Mini-Workshop & Lectures on Analysis and applications of PDES


Thời gian: 09:00:29/06/2016 đến 11:30:01/07/2016

Địa điểm: B4-705

Ban tổ chức: Tang Quoc Bao (HUST, Vietnam and Univ. Graz, Austria), Nguyen Huu Du (VIASM, Vietnam), Nguyen Ngoc Doanh (Water Rescources University, Vietnam), Do Duc Thuan (HUST, Vietnam).

Mục đích: The aim of the workshop and lectures is to create a forum for researchers and students to exchange methods, new ideas, results and perspectives in PDEs.

Báo cáo mời: Klemens Fellner (Univ. of Graz, Austria), Dinh nho Hao (Math Institute, VAST, Vietnam), Nguyen Minh Tri (Math Institute, VAST, Vietnam), Tang Quoc Bao (HUST, Vietnam and Uni. Graz, Austria), Phan Quang Sang (Vietnam National University of Agriculture-VNUA Vietnam), Dao Thu Huyen (Vietnam National University of Agriculture-VNUA, Vietnam), Le Thi Thuy (Electric Power University, Vietnam).

Tóm tắt:LECTURES (2 days)

Time: 10h00 – 11h30, Thursday 30/6/2016 and Friday 1/7/2016.

Lecturer: Klemens Fellner, University of Graz, Austria

Title: Introduction into entropy and duality methods for reaction-diffusion systems


MINI-WORKSHOP (1 day) 29/6/2016


Morning Session (Chair: Nguyen Minh Tri)


09h00-09h45: Klemens Fellner (Uni. Graz, Austria): On global existence and convergence to equilibrium for a nonlinear reaction-diffusion model.


09h45-10h30: Title (Speaker: Dinh Nho Hao, VAST, Vietnam.) TBA


10h30-11h00: Coffee break


11h00-11h45: Phan Quang Sang (VNUA, Vietnam): Hölder stable determination of a quantum scalar potential in unbounded cylindrical domains.


11h45-12h30: Le Thi Thuy (Electric Power Uni., Vietnam): TBA


Afternoon Session (Chair: Klemens Fellner)


14h30-15h15: Nguyen Minh Tri (VAST, Vietnam): The existence and decay rates of strong solutions for Navier-Stokes Equations in Bessel-potential spaces (joint with Do Quang Khai).


15h15-16h00: Dao Thu Huyen (VNUA, Vietnam): Comparison of upwind and centre schemes for compressible flows at low Mach number.


16h00-16h30: Coffee break


16h30-17h15: Tang Quoc Bao (HUST and Uni. Graz, Austria): Trend to equilibrium for complex balanced reaction-diffusion systems (joint with L. Desvillettes and K. Fellner).

Participation: The conference is open to all researchers and students. There will be no conference fee.

Deadline for registration: June 28, 2016


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