The secret of MIS alumni to become SAP Center Director of CIBER-CMC Joint Venture Company?

CMC is definitely a name that Vietnamese “tech people” are no longer unfamiliar with. Do you want to know:
What is the human resource development plan of Ciber – CMC in 2018 – 2019?
What technologies should be explored today?
What knowledge should students of Mathematics – Informatics and MIS be equipped with?
The answer will be in the sharing from Ms. Nguyen Hang Thu, a former student of Management Information K43 (Management Information Systems major), School of Applied Mathematics and Informatics – currently the Director of SAP Center of Ciber Joint Stock Company – CMC in the following interview!

On behalf of the School of Applied Mathematics and Informatics, thank you very much for taking the time to answer the interview. First, can you introduce yourself and your current job?

I’m 37 years old, a former student of K43. Currently, I am the Director of SAP Center of Ciber Joint Stock Company – CMC, managing 70 people. Participating in management and operation, developing production and business activities at the center, controlling the quality of projects, maintaining and expanding relationships with customers and partners, searching and developing markets….In addition, we have a plan to develop personnel from 70 people to 150 people in 2018 and 2019, so we are happy to welcome students from the Faculty of Applied Mathematics (now the School of Applied Mathematics and Informatics – PV). interested in this profession.

To have the success like today must be the result of both trying and doing your best in study as well as at work, can you share a bit about that process as well as how you can you overcome difficulties and failures (if any)?

The peculiarity of my profession is that I always have to keep up with new technologies, and technology is always changing. I must constantly learn and absorb new knowledge about technology solutions so as not to be left behind, and must know how to train and build staff. The most difficult thing is to build and manage a team of human resources with no excess, no shortage and good quality to always be ready to face new challenges and new opportunities. My job also has to travel often, so that is also a difficulty for me. Luckily, I haven’t had a failure.

College time is probably a memorable time, so can you share your most memorable memories during your study at SAMI as well as about the teachers?

The most memorable memory for me is the camping activity on the occasion of the school’s founding anniversary when I was a third-year student. I remember it was October, then we were new to the faculty, so there were a lot of surprises because we didn’t know all of our classmates, but we were attracted to the activities of the faculty by the seniors and we quickly integrated and bonded together.

How have the knowledge and skills acquired during studying at SAMI helped you in your working process?

The logical thinking of a student of the Faculty of Mathematics helps me a lot in tasks that require thinking such as making strategies, planning, making decisions…

Many students are still wondering about choosing their own direction, what will they do when they graduate from school. So with your experience, do you have any advice for them? (About the subjects and skills to focus on, the technology to learn, the sources of information that you can refer to…)

You should learn more soft skills such as communication, presentation and English. Wherever you are, whatever you do, English is also very necessary.
In addition, a sincere advice is that no matter what job you do, what position you hold (employee or manager), try to fulfill that role well, any position is also very respectable, managers will not be able to do anything without good employees, everyone has their own tasks, their own roles and are equally important.About technology you should learn: you search on google for keywords “S4Hana“, “SAPERP”, “SAP All inOne” to know more about my industry.

Thank you for taking the time to share your valuable experiences despite being so busy.
Hope you will continue to accompany the School in connecting students and businesses.
Wishing you good health, happiness and more success in your career.
See you again!