Functions and Responsibilities

  • In charge of expertise and teaching applied Mathematics-oriented subjects in the university training program majoring in Mathematics-Informatics;
  • In charge of expertise and teaching subjects: Calculus, Calculus and Matlab, Statistical Probability (all training programs), Statistical Probability and Random Signals, Statistical Probability and Process experimental planning, Econometrics, Optimization;
  • Participating in teaching Calculus 1, Calculus 2, Calculus 3, Algebra;
  • In charge of expertise and participation in teaching subjects in the Master’s program on Mathematical Foundations of Informatics and Doctoral topics in Calculus, Analytical Calculus, and Mathematical Foundations of Informatics. study (if required by the Department in charge of training the respective majors);
  • Master Degree Program in Applied Mathematics (code:
  • Doctoral Degree Program: 02 majors
    • Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics (code:
    • Applied Mathematics (code: