The leadership of the School of Applied Mathematics and Informatics

President: TS. Le Quang Thuy


  • Monitoring and taking charge of all activities of the School
  • Planning, and developing strategy for School
  • Organizing, Managing recruitment
  • Managing salaries, emulation, awards and discipline
  • Managing the education of General subjects
  • Managing Olympic Student contest
  • Managing plans and finance
  • Managing Students with Scientific Research
  • Being in charge of Fundamental Mathematics

Vice president: TS. Nguyen Thi Thanh Huyen

  •  Taking part in orienting the development plan of School
  • Managing the media and public relationships
  • Managing admission
  • Managing in-service training, diploma 2 and  other non-formal training systems
  • Managing quality (ISO; quality censorship; quality assurance)
  • Managing Union work (General Union, Youth Union, Student Union)
  • Being in charge of Mathematics-Informatics

Vice president: TS. Nguyen Canh Nam

  • Participating in orienting the development plan of School
  • Specialized training for Undergraduate and Postgraduate systems
  • Managing staff and students (activities related to studying, emulation, award, discipline), civil affairs committee, academic advisory board
  • Managing cooperation, external communication
  • Managing facilities, amenities, investment plan
  • Managing internal security work
  • Being in charge of Applied Mathematics, Computers.