The history of Foundation

Math Team (precursor of  School of Applied Mathematics & Informatics) in early days of foundation

The predecessor of School of Applied Mathematics & Informatics is Math Team consisting of 13 teachers( including 26 bachelors who had just graduated from Scientific Education University  ) joined Hanoi University of Science and Technology  since July 1956. They were: Le Minh Chau, Dinh Nho Cuong, Kim Cuong, To Xuan Dung, Ta Van Dinh, Tran Van Han, Phan Ba Ngoc, Le Thieu Pho, Nguyen My Quy, Nguyen Ho Quynh, Thai Thanh Son, Hoang Cong Tin, Nguyen Dinh Tri. Just after 3 months enthusiastically composing guideline draft, writing outlines, on 15th October, 1956, the teachers had taught the very first lessons to freshmen.

Until the year of 1958, Math Team had developed into Faculty of Mathematics  . With huge efforts by all teachers, the first sets of textbooks of Mathematics in Technology were published by Science and Technology Publishing Company and Education Publishing Company and became documents that were mainly used in almost universities in the country. In parallel with teaching, Faculty of Mathematics was one of the first institutes in the country which studied a number of fields in applied mathematics and carried out many significant topicswa in practical manufacturing and war fighting, such as: Applied operational research in transportation in Hai Phong, Hai Duong, and Hanoi; The planning of logistics network in the Red River Delta; manufacturing network for building material factories at Military Zone 5 and Military Zone 9;…

After many years excellently accomplishing the teaching missions, enthusiastically taking part in studying Math in practical application, in 1963,  the School of Applied Mathematics & Informatics has become the first institution in the education sector of the country to have the honor of receiving the title of Socialist Labor Group and awarded the Third-class Labor Medal.

In 1966, the Faculty of Math was one of the faculties of University (Department of affiliated faculties). Since 1967, Mathematics has become an important member of the Basic Science Department (Mathematics; Theoretical Mechanics; Russian Literature; Graphics – Technical Drawing; Physical Education – Sports) of Hanoi University of Science and Technology. The department has shared its forces, contributed to the construction of Math courses of the Universities of Finance and Accounting, the University of Civil Engineering, the University of Mining and Geology, the University of Light Industry and the Military Technical Academy.

When the country was unified in 1975, a number of staff from the Faculty of Math went to the South to participate in building Math courses for universities in Hue, Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh City,and supervised the lectures at Tay Nguyen University (October 1977).

Since the year of 1976-1977, Hanoi University of Science and Technology has officially organized postgraduate training. On December 13, 1976, Mr. Ta Van Dinh was the first person of Hanoi University of Science and Technology to successfully defend his doctoral thesis (at that time called Associate professor PhD). Since 1980, 05 staff have been conferred the title of Associate Professor in the first conferment of the Party of Vietnam.

The school year of 1968-1969 marked a very important event in the development of Mathematics of Hanoi University of Science and Technology: At the suggestion of Professor Ta Quang Buu, the School of Mathematics – Physics was established, consisting of three Subjects: Maths, Physics, Theoretical mechanics. The Faculty of Math assigned the task of training Engineering Mathematics engineers, as a connection between mathematics and engineering majors where the tool used is an electronic computer. In September 1970, the Mathematics Department was separated into 3 subjects: Advanced Mathematics, Control Mathematics, and Computational Mathematics and began to train engineers in Mathematics-Informatics for students studying in the academic year 13.

According to the policy of broad-based training, in 1983, the two departments of Control Mathematics and Computational Mathematics merged into the Math sub-disciplineand Control, and in 1984 changed the name to the Department of Informatics and Applied Mathematics.

In 1986, splitting from the School of Mathematics – Physics, the School of Informatics and Applied Mathematics was formed from two subjects: the Department of Informatics and Applied Mathematics, and the Department of Advanced Mathematics.

In 1987, from a part of the School of Informatics and Applied Mathematics, together with the Computer Center and some parts of the School of Radio and Television (School of Electronics and Telecommunications today) the University established the School of Informatics; The remaining part is named School of Mathematics (this is the period when the organizational structure of the University consists of 2 levels: School and Faculty).

Since 1995, the University has returned to a 3-level organizational structure. In June 1996, the School of Mathematics changed its name to the School of Applied Mathematics with three subjects: Mathematics – Informatics, Optimization, and Calculus. With achievements in developing the training of this Major and improving the quality of professional work, the School received the Second-class Labor Medal in 1998.

The School’s member, 1996

In April 1999, some subjects were arranged and renamed to suit the new training expertise and tasks, which were the following subjects: Basic Mathematics, Mathematics – Information, Calculations and Controls ( in 2004 changed into Applied Mathematics). During this period, in addition to consolidating training in the field, the School began to open a graduate training system (the year 1998–1999) and the first Master’s course in Applied Mathematics and Informatics graduated in 2000.

The School’s member, 2000

In April 2004, the School changed its name to School of Mathematics – Applied Informatics. For outstanding achievements in training and scientific research, in November 2007, the School was awarded the First-class Labor Medal by the State.

Since 2011, Hanoi University of Science and Technology has reformed its organizational structure, the training departments have in turn transformed into schools and begun to be decentralized and autonomous. In November 2011, it became the School of Applied Mathematics and Informatics, starting a new development phase.

From the Mathematics Group (one of the few specialized groups formed at the earliest since the establishment of the school), up to now, a strong School of Applied Mathematics and Informatics has been formed, which is a prestigious institute in scientific research. study and train undergraduates, masters and doctorates in the fields of Mathematics and Informatics; has research and teaching cooperation with domestic and foreign institutions and coordination with industries, levels and businesses in applying mathematics and informatics to fields such as economics, finance, management, construction, engineering,…