The general research direction of the School of Applied Mathematics and Informatics is problems in the fields of Mathematics and Informatics as well as the applications of these fields in other sciences and practical problems of nature, economic and social. Each specific research orientation of the School not only focuses on solving internal problems of Mathematics and Informatics but also focuses on solving problems of Mathematics and Informatics concerning other sciences and practical problems. The School’s main research directions are:

  • Controls & Optimization
  1. Optimal control
  2. Multi-objective optimization and related problems
  3. Non-convex optimization, discrete optimization and D.C. optimization
  4. Applications of optimization and control in economics, finance, biomedicine, electronics, telecommunications, traffic, and resource management,…
  • Probability, Statistics and Applications
  1. Data analysis and processing, data mining
  2. Financial analysis, risk assessment and audit models
  3. Experimental planning
  4. Mathematical statistics applied in biology, medicine, demography, economics, society,…
  • Modeling and Simulation
  1. Building models and simulations for complex systems in physics, chemistry, biology, electronics, telecommunications, transportation and resource management,…
  2. Building decision support systems for experts, policymakers and managers in the fields of environment, urban, traffic, disaster warning (flood, earthquake, tsunami,…), disease warnings,…
  3. High-performance computing on large, complex data sets
  • Calculus, Differential Equations, Dynamical Systems and Applications
  1. Integral transforms and applications
  2. Equilibrium problems and applications
  3. Diffusion equations, fluid mechanics equations,…
  4. Inverse problems, optimal boundary control for diffuse flows and numerical solutions for practical problems
  • Mathematics and Informatics Theory and Applications
  1. Graphs and Combinatorics
  2. Automata and algorithms
  3. Coding theory, information security, information hiding
  4. Cryptography and quantum error correction, quantum algorithms for quantum computers, quantum communication, quantum computing
  5. Pattern search and natural language processing
  6. Geographic information system, geometric processing and application in the fields of teaching, entertainment, biomedicine, materials science, computer science,…
  7. Exploiting the application of Informatics achievements in research and teaching in Mathematics and related fields.

In research activities, the School of Applied Mathematics and Informatics closely cooperates with domestic and foreign mathematics and informatics research units such as the Institute of Mathematics, the University of Education, the University of Natural Sciences, Graz University of Technology – Austria, University of Rouen – France,… Besides, the Institute also has close cooperation with other scientific research units such as University of Economics, University of Public Health, French National Institute of Agriculture,… in relevant applied research.

20th Workshop on Optimization & Scientific Computing

Student is reporting at 20th Workshop on Optimization & Scientific Computing