General introduction

  • Name: Department of Applied Mathematics
  • Address: Room 201Bis, Building D3-5
  • Phone: 0438682416
  • Department Leader: 
    • Head of Department: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Do Duc Thuan
    • Deputy Head of Department: Dr. Ta Anh Son
  • Staff:
    • Total number of staff: 20
    • Total number of Professors and Associate Professors: 3
    • Number of PhDs” 14

Functions and Responsibilities

  • In charge of expertise and teaching applied Mathematics-oriented subjects in the university training program majoring in Mathematics-Informatics;
  • In charge of expertise and teaching subjects: Calculus, Calculus and Matlab, Statistical Probability (all training programs), Statistical Probability and Random Signals, Statistical Probability and Process experimental planning, Econometrics, Optimization;
  • Participating in teaching Calculus 1, Calculus 2, Calculus 3, Algebra;
  • In charge of expertise and participation in teaching subjects in the Master’s program on Mathematical Foundations of Informatics and Doctoral topics in Calculus, Analytical Calculus, and Mathematical Foundations of Informatics. study (if required by the Department in charge of training the respective majors);
  • Master Degree Program in Applied Mathematics (code:
  • Doctoral Degree Program: 02 majors
    • Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics (code:
    • Applied Math (code:

(Updated on March 21, 2016)

Areas of Expertise

Research on applied mathematics and the ability to apply mathematics to solve problems arising in reality. Some main research directions of the Department:

  1. Scientific calculation
    • Numerical solutions to problems of the mechanical form.
    • Data mining, machine learning,
    • Image processing,
    • Optimal control, propulsion system,
    • Modeling complex systems.
  2. Optimization methods and applications
    • Multi-objective optimization,
    • Non-convex planning, DC planning,
    • Network optimization problems,
    • Methods for solving large-scale optimization problems,
    • Optimization problems applied in financial economics, transportation, telecommunications, agriculture, health…
  3. Stochastic process
    • Financial mathematics,
    • Data analysis and experimental planning,
    • Simulation of a stochastic process in a complex system,
    • Stochastic process and applications.

(Updated May 4, 2016)