1. Quality-Effectiveness:

The major factor which put School of Applied Mathematics & Informatics, Hanoi University of Science and Technology in the map is the outstanding quality attached to the optimal effectiveness in terms of all activities and aspects.

2. Devotion-Dedication:

The devotion and ambition are the key to all successes, the wholehearted devotion and dedication make the most noble value in generations of staff and students of School of Applied Mathematics & Informatics, Hanoi University of Science and Technology

3. Integrity-Respect:

The integrity in speciality and lifestyle, along with the respect for dignity, for legislation and regulations, for the variety and distinct is the core moral standards in the university environment.

4. Individual talent- collective intellect:

All outstanding successes stem from the creativeness and individual talent, however, the key that ensures long-lasting success is solidarity and collective intellect.

5. Receiving-Creativeness:

The incentive for the long-lasting development is the revolution and creativeness based on the acquired quintessential intellect of humans, the receiving from attained achievements and the promotion of appropriate traditional values.


Actively studying and creatively promoting the researching ability”.

Our educational aim is to train students to have knowledge, creativity, analytic and independently trouble-shooting ability, critical thinking, teamwork and communication skills, together with the working ability in an integrating environment.

  • Actively studying: Students are allowed to actively build-up their own studying plans, choosing their orientation in specialities, which will stimulate their ambition and will be definitely suitable for their potential. Students are encouraged to actively bring up issues, discussions, presentations, and participation in seminars to obtain more precious knowledge…
  • Creatively promoting the researching ability: Apply new teaching and studying methods, coordinated with the internship in organizations and enterprises, thereby helping students get used to practical problems, understanding the tight connection between following the theory and approaching, solving problems arising in industry and different fields. Students are encouraged to take part in researching, carrying out topics, projects to deal with practical problems right when entering the third academic year of school until leaving school.