Areas of Expertise

Research on applied mathematics and the ability to apply mathematics to solve problems arising in reality. Some main research directions of the Department:

  1. Scientific calculation
    • Numerical solutions to problems of the mechanical form.
    • Data mining, machine learning,
    • Image processing,
    • Optimal control, propulsion system,
    • Modeling complex systems.
  2. Optimization methods and applications
    • Multi-objective optimization,
    • Non-convex planning, DC planning,
    • Network optimization problems,
    • Methods for solving large-scale optimization problems,
    • Optimization problems applied in financial economics, transportation, telecommunications, agriculture, health…
  3. Stochastic process
    • Financial mathematics,
    • Data analysis and experimental planning,
    • Simulation of a stochastic process in a complex system,
    • Stochastic process and applications.