Guidelines for Integrating Post-Graduate Study (For University Students)

Innovate the training model at undergraduate and graduate levels in the direction of integrated training and implement the pilot project to innovate enrollment for master’s degree training at Hanoi University of Science and Technology in the period 2016 – 2021, the University announces the following instructions for registration of integrated postgraduate courses for students of the University:

1. Purpose: to help students who are studying a university-level training program to accumulate several modules in the respective master’s-level training program to shorten the total study time at birth. students who wish to continue studying at the master’s level after graduating from graduate school.

2. Subjects: students who are enrolled in university training programs who are ranked at the level of the third year of study or higher and are classified as having good academic standing in the last semester before enrolling for an integrated study.

3. Credit recognition: the credits that have been accumulated in the form of integrated study registration are valid for 5 years from the time of successful accumulation, recognized, and recorded in the following master’s training transcript when the student is eligible for admission and is recognized as a graduate student of the University. In case the student does not attend the graduate training program, the school will issue a certificate of accumulation for the accumulated courses.

4. Registration procedure: students register for an integrated study with proof of year level ranking and academic ranking at the Graduate Institute to be granted a management code and a registered account to integrate courses from student accounts on the training management system of the University. After being granted an account, students log into their account at and register for online courses on the website. Each semester, students can register for integrated learning for up to 12 credits.

5. Implementation period: Students register for integrated postgraduate training in May and October every year according to specific announcements on the University’s plan to register for postgraduate training courses.

Integrated study application form: DON XIN DANG KY HOC TICH HOP (Integrated learning application form)